1. This week on ‘With Pete Purton’

    Eulogised in his own lifetime, Mr Aubrey now extends a resplendent evening of sublime, moral, interesting ballads. Oh, and Morna Scott (bass, vocals), Stanley Kadlo (drums), Sir John Pye (guitar, vocals).

    The Best and Cheapest Exhibition on Earth.

    Saturday 18 October 2014, 7.30 — 11pm

    Merton Hotel
    38 Victoria Rd Rozelle


    Conditions apply.image

    Photo by CloudNine ImageArt

  2. Aubrey & Purton at Eveleigh Artisans’ Market


    Playing at the monthly Eveleigh Artisans Market for three fantastic years was a great joy. We encountered a passing parade of kids, parents, dogs, inner-city hipsters, travellers, people our age, artists and celebrities. It’s a shame this sublime craft market has stopped. The stallholders were the makers.

  3. Aubrey and Purton online!


    We’ve been playing a lot of private gigs lately, like office parties and weddings.  We haven’t been doing Paddington Markets each week, but we still get there every so often. We had a great time busking at the last day of the monorail:


    We update our gig guide regularly too, so you can keep track of where we’re playing.

    We want to thank the musicians who play with us at the Merton. We are indebted to Mr Stan Kadlo for his tidy work on the drums. Often we are graced by the sensational Morna Scott on bass and vocals. John Pye plays lead guitar. And we love it when Hugh Roberts slides in his superb harmonies. Our very loyal friend Rod Morgan has been known to play a song or two at the Merton. He fills in as lead guitarist too.

    We hope to see you soon.

  4. Eveleigh Artisans Market

  5. Aubrey and Purton playing Subterranean Homesick Blues by Bob Dylan at the Paddington Markets.

Since teaming up as a busking duo in 2008, Aubrey & Purton have spent thousands of hours performing at some of Sydney's best known community events, including Paddington, The Rocks and Eveleigh Markets, as well as numerous pubs, clubs, parties and weddings.


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